Hardcore Marvel Comics History, Part 3

April 26, 2017

Marvel Carlin continues his dramatic retelling of early Marvel history, including the origin of Spider-Man and the fledgling superheroes' first clash with an alien invasion.  This is a parody of Steve Berg's Hardcore Game of Thrones History, which is a parody of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, and I will not apologize for it (yet).  

Hardcore Marvel Comics History, Part 2

April 7, 2017

Dazzlin' Marvel Carlin steps in to take over the telling of "The Marvel Saga."  Learn about the early history of the Marvel Universe from someone who's been there.  Note: This is a parody of Steve Berg's Game of Thrones parody of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History.  That's right, it's a parody of a parody.  I'm whittling my potential audience down to a finely honed point.  

Neil Gaiman’s The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch

March 28, 2017

Jeanne and I discuss one of Neil Gaiman's early masterpieces, Mr. Punch.  We discuss the amazing, impossible-to-categorize art of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean in general as well.  

Robo Force 2 and the Quest for the Holy Fail (Improvisation)

October 10, 2016

William returns to the Robo Force comics.  He's still taking those "supplements" his wife gave him.  Madness ensues. 

Marvel Saga, Part 1

September 18, 2016

The Night Man, Part 1 (Sunny in Philadelphia parody)

August 18, 2016

Mac gets ahold of the Night Man comic and tells you the story!  He really rubs it in that he's doing this and not Charlie.  (This may make no sense to you if you don't watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

Comic Cavalcade #19 - The Flash and More

July 11, 2016

Remember that guy that I let read his copy of Comic Cavalcade #19 when he was drunk?  He recorded part two the next morning.  He had kind of a hangover, and some remorse about having bought the comic.  He finishes the Flash story, and then reads a more interesting one that happens to have no superheroes in it at all.